Five years of treeblog

Low cloud glides over a forest of Scots pine and on up the Ryvoan Pass (November 22nd, 2011).

Today is treeblog’s fifth anniversary! Here’s to the next five years!

* * * * *

And to coincide with the anniversary, I’ve given the layout and design of the blog a little update. There’s a new row of links above the header which remove a lot of the clutter from the sidebar. The archive table now has its own page, so you can revisit any old month you fancy. The list of tags has been refreshed and relocated to a new page which it shares with a new list of categories. There are only nine categories (which I intend to refine, and I welcome your suggestions on this) – think of them as ‘super-tags’. The blogroll and list of links also has a separate page now, with some new additions that you might like to try out. Aside from that, not a lot has changed.

Although photographs are now 64% bigger. I think that’s a decent improvement!

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