An early autumn evening walk around Langsett (Part One)

On Sunday (101010) I returned from the wedding of two friends to one of those perfect autumn afternoons. I couldn’t a waste a beauty like that so, spurred on by the best display of mushrooms on our lawn that I can remember, I set off around Langsett Reservoir anticipating a real smörgåsbord of fungi. I wasn’t disappointed!

This is the overflow for the reservoir. The water level is really low at the moment so it’s bone dry.

See how much of the dam wall is exposed!

Some years ago I came to the top of this cliff a few times with my father to try and photograph the perfect sunset. We might have got a few good ones.

Score! A fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) in a pine plantation on the edge of the reservoir.

Quite a big mushroom – some flavour of Lactarius, I think.

Canada geese (Branta Canadensis). Gearing up for migration?

After climbing away from the water’s edge, I joined a path that headed down through the pines to a sparkling reflection of the evening sunlight…

Walking out of the trees I was met with this sight: the receded waters have revealed a stony beach!

* * * * *

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